Sisu- Finnish Adventures

Just a quick update. I spent my last week in Finland. Since its my heritage I have always heard much about Finland and the people of Finland growing up. Saunas, Mukkara, sisu..its all part of the culture haha. Over time I have met so many Finns and always been invited to visit, so it was nice to finally make a trip.

Never have I been to another country with so many familiar faces/looks. Friends and family have told me that everyone is so welcoming and of course you will never go hungry, I have found this all to be true.
Monday was a special day. I stayed with Terese, she is a teacher and had invited me to come share with her class about life as a missionary, the love of Jesus and my travels.
It was so much fun. The 5th and 6th grade students were excited to learn. They helped me to point out countries on the globe, were fascinated by the photos and asked excellent questions. Questions like, “what is the craziest thing you have done” and “what is your saddest experience” were among them.
I also enjoyed getting to know the staff they have a love for the students and want to teach them well. We helped the 1st graders with needlework, got to peak in on woodworking and sewing. In art the kids painted leaves with frost on them.
I have heard Finland as some of the best schools with good mix of fun (walks through the forest) and academics. It seemed to be true. Of course this is just one school in the system but what a wonderful place it was.
The rest of the week was filled with food, fellowship and friends.
I told Terese to let her students know that I have changed my answer to what is the craziest thing I have done. Now I must say it was going into the lake when the air was -1.5°c, then to the sauna, back to the lake, then sauna, then lake. Now that is crazy, but I did it. I guess that means I’m true Finn 😉 Now I spend a few days in Sweden and next stop Africa 🙂


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