As I have traveled through the years I have met so many people, and certain people really stick in my memory and my heart. Givethlyn is one of those. I met her 5 years ago in The Philippines. I was hoping to see her next week when I go, however she is now in heaven and someday I will see her there.

Five years ago, Givethlyn was a very small, especially quiet little girl and for most of the trip we did not know this was mostly  because she was sick. Her father Pastor Bert spent much time with us along with his wife and Givethlyn. The day before we left they were very worried and had brought her to the hospital. We went there and prayed with her, with the family and I remember singing Jesus Loves Me. After we arrived home we learned that she had Leukemia. We all rejoiced when over time with much prayers and support the Lord healed Givethlyn.

Recently we had received word that Givethlyn’s Leukemia had returned, and just a few days later we were told this time God chose to take her home.

Please pray for Givethlyn’s dear family that God would give them peace and comfort. Please pray for the team of us as we go to The Philippines that we can above all share The Gospel message and that hearts will receive it. Please pray that we can be an encouragement for Givethlyn’s family and all those who love her. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” Psalm 46:1

These photos are from my trip in 2011:







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