Animal Balloons and Laughter

When I travel I attempt to count Joys in my journal. Special moments in the midst of the day. Last week we returned from India. Here’s a taste of the Joys I wrote in my Journal along the way.

  • Color; clothing, vehicles, flowers its everywhere.
  • Animal balloons and laughter.
  • Medicine to help the sick.
  • People listening from the doorways, rooftops and scattered about as The Word is preached and broadcast through the village.
  • Music and singing with passion.
  • Butterflies fluttering about.
  • Ruth and her servants heart.
  • Devotions on the rooftop.
  • Clothes being washed near the well.
  • Walks on the dusty streets, spinning and laughter with the village children.
  • Ice Cream for Everyone (200+ people)
  • Psalm 42 read in Telugu by on of the children.
  • That woman with the huge smile.
  • Understanding when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Children in uniform with little backpacks on a cool, hazy morning.
  • Messages about The Living Water.
  • A team that can laugh, learn and share together.
  • Crowds that disappear into the darkness at the night street services.
  • Quite time, rest.
  • Sunday school lessons of David and Goliath.
  • Long walk up a mountain side to the tribal area, and hearing the singing from a long ways down the road.

Just to list a few 🙂


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